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Davide La Rocca



25-09-2014   27-10-2014

Thursday, September 25 2014, on the occasion of the tenth edition of Start, Guidi&Schoen Arte Contemporanea will present the exhibition Quadreria, the first Genoese solo show of the Sicilian artist Davide La Rocca.
The show will present a series of large pictorial works made over the past year. The proximity to pointillism is evident in his work, both in the composition consisting of dots arranged systematically on the canvas with great precision, and in the technical procedures used by the artist to transform images taken from films and photographs into paintings.
The exhit represents an investigation into the mechanisms of perception of reality, filtered through a fine mesh of signs that break it down to reduce it to particles.
Deeply attracted to cinema and to those aspects that make it a pictorical staging, but not interested in the contamination of genres, convinced that the medium that one prefers should remain intact and true to its nature, after an artistic career more than fifteen years long that led him to compete with the most innovative styles in painting, the artist now feels the urgent need to reposition himself in the great Italian tradition, with the belief that painting can offer a view over unexplored territories that are worth crossing.
Unlike what happened in the previous series, in the works in the exhibition subjects of the paintings are taken from frames of a film in which the same La Rocca is working and that it will be ready in early 2015. A sort of reversal of the modus operandi passing to cause motion pictures after he has been, in some way, affected by them for years.
The exhibition - explains La Rocca in the catalog that accompanies the exhibition - is the time of reaction, time to reaffirm the sense of painting and recover its therapeutic value sublimating through a period of purification those small and seemingly insignificant imperfections of life that make reality vulgar, in an effort to sincerity and free from the worry of pleaing or even worse of being fashionable. The concern of the painter must consist, according to the artist, only in finding that moving or curious aspect of life worth painting.
Segue una ricognizione di primi piani di oggetti di proprietà della famiglia: un servizio da tè, un bicchiere di cristallo, i tasti di un pianoforte, il vassoio di una colazione già consumata, ma anche incursioni incongruenti, come una risonanza magnetica cerebrale, uno scheletro gigantesco (quello di De Dominicis) disteso in una piazza, il ritratto di una pecora, una zuppa di piselli, fino a concludersi con due autoritratti.
Inspired by the daily life of a middle-class family of the early twentieth century, seen through the magnifying glass of the process of painting, the exhibition opens with a large canvas which portrays a family intent on reciting the prayer before the evening meal around a laid table and lit by chandeliers. In another one a woman, lying on a bed, is watched over by a dark presence. Follows a survey of close-ups of objects owned by the family: a tea set, a crystal glass, the keys of a piano, a tray of breakfast already eaten but also inconsistent raids, like a brain MRI, a gigantic skeleton (to one by De Dominicis) lying in a square, the portrait of a sheep, a pea soup, ending with two self-portraits.

Davide La Rocca, born in Catania in 1970, lives and works in Milan. Since 1999 he partecipated to group shows in art galleries and museums in Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Estonia and China: “Collector’s Choice II” at ZKM - Museum für Neue Kunst in Karlsruhe (2009), “XIV Quadriennale di Roma” at Galleria Nazionale dʼArte Moderna in Rome (2005), “Lo sguardo del collezionista: VAF Stiftung e Collezione Giovanardi” at MART in Rovereto (2005), and “Vernice. Sentieri della giovane pittura italiana” at Villa Manin in Passariano, Udine (2004). Since 2002 ha presented solo shows mainly in Italiy and Germany.
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Davide La Rocca

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