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Vania Comoretti



05-02-2016   05-03-2016

“Every individual possesses in his or her mind an image of his or her real and ideal self”.

At 18:30 on Friday, February 5 Guidi&Schoen opens DUAL, a solo show by Vania Comoretti consisting of a series of works - diptychs, triptychs and polyptics – looking at the human figure with microscopic attention and through introspective analysis.
Self-image has a great influence on the development of personality, and every individual possesses in his or her mind an image of his or her real and ideal self. Creation of a double in art is normally a key to interpretation of state of mind, as a matrix from which the individual can start looking in order to understand and obtain something more of himself.
The double, defined as a doubling of reality, is a concept present in philosophical, religious, psychological and psychoanalytic thought. All psychoanalytic theory is a “science of the Double”; in it we find similar and opposite entities, pairs, which together co-establish the personality of the individual as a whole and its complexity.
In this project similarity is not a mere banal repetition of the external appearance of the figure, as in so-called pictorial realism, but, through doubling of analytic representation, in which there are both differences and similarities, the intention is to restore order to the elements making up the identity of the subjects of the study.
The artist uses watercolour, ink and pastel on paper to focus on the details of the face, of which we can see the inside, thanks to careful observation and almost microscopic study revealing signs, nerves, muscles and tissues. Of all the parts of the body, the face is the one that permits the artist to render visible both emotional states, through expressions, and blood ties, through the study of the anatomical details that characterise individuals and recur in different generations of the same family. The link between the subjects is recognisable. The two halves side by side do not form a single perfect image, but the double portrait becomes a single symbiotic icon in which similarities swing back and forth between different genders, ages and stages of development.

Vania Comoretti was born in 1975 in Udine, where she lives and works. In 2005 she presented a solo show at Centro d’Arte Contemporanea in Villa Manin (Passariano, Udine), in 2007 she won the first Saatchi Showdown Prize (London, England), and in 2008 she participated in the opening show at the new location of the Saatchi Gallery in London, where she participated in the FBA Annual Exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters that year and the following year. In 2009 a solo show featured her work at Galleria Civica in Modena, and she participated in a group show entitled myDetour Moleskine SFO in San Francisco, USA. In 2010 she held the solo shows Life Lines at Guidi&Schoen Arte Contemporanea art gallery in Genoa and Transizioni at Galerie Domi Nostrae in partnership with the Italian Cultural Institute in Lyons (France). In 2011 she participated in a double solo show entitled Vis-à-vis at WhiteLabs (Milan). In 2012 she presented the solo show Iride in the Sala Dogana at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. In 2013 she exhibited at MEAM (Museu Europeu d'Art Modern) in Barcelona. In 2014 she held the solo shows Visibile at Galerie Domi Nostrae, Lyons (France) and Progressione at galleria C|E Contemporary art gallery (Milan). In 2015 she presented the solo show DUAL at CUBO – Centro Unipol Bologna.
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Vania Comoretti

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