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Andrea Chiesi



11-03-2016   16-04-2016

At 18:30 on March 11 2016 Guidi&Schoen inaugurates KARMAN, a new solo exhibition by Andrea Chiesi featuring a selection of his most recent oils on linen canvases created during his recent residence in the People’s Republic of China, where the artist searched for new inspiration by visiting a number of Buddhist sites such as Yungang, Xuankong and Longmen and studied traditional art and Ch'an painting. Karman - or Karma – is the intentional act that gives every action beneficial or unhealthy consequences, keeping us tied to Samsara, the cycle of existence. Only by purifying the karmic potential of the act and doing away with its consequences can we free ourselves of suffering and begin a path toward the awakening of the mind. In his slow, rigorous painting, Chiesi studies the basic concepts of Tibetan Buddhism such as impermanence (every aggregate is destined to be dissolved) and vacuity (every phenomenon is devoid of an intrinsic self). The subjects he has painted for many years relate to the contemporary landscape. All that remains of the real world is an echo in the background, and painting allows him to go beyond: through a non-colour, an essential combination of three colours, these places cease to be a part of the landscape, and are reborn in a spiritual dimension, a silent inner world, a mental abstraction outside of time. Painting is the tool for seeking the light through the shadow, the medium for a spiritual path of liberation through the tribulations of life. The paintings arise from direct observation of places, but also from collaboration with a number of companions in exploration, such as Roberto Conte, Emily Stone, Paola Verde and Lara Zibret, and the Save Industrial Heritage association.
A monograph about Chiesi's latest work, also featuring an interview with the artist by Franco Fanelli, is due to be published in fall 2016.

A single instant is ten thousand years a single hair sweeps across myriads of flowers You alone can pass the test you alone can beat the crowds Dogen Kigen, Zen Master (1200-1253)
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Andrea Chiesi

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