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Alessandro Lupi

Lights and Shadows


27-10-2016   26-11-2016

At 18:00 on Thursday, October 27 Guidi&Schoen inaugurates Lights and Shadows, a solo show by Genoese artist based in Berlin Alessandro Lupi.
The exhibition will be held in two different locations in the centre of Genoa: the artist’s most recent works will be on exhibit in the gallery at Vico Casana 31r until November 26: a selection of works, models and sketches of works presented at the world’s most important light art festivals.
The installation Universal Spin will be on exhibit in the courtyard of Palazzo Ducale until November 6, in partnership with Genova Palazzo Ducale Fondazione per la Cultura, as part of the Science Festival.
The exhibition catalogue reviews the artist’s work over the past ten years.

The focus of Alessandro Lupi’s artistic vision is light, explored using installations and new techniques in which colour, space and time blend together dynamically. Each of his projects is a world in itself, concentrated around the concept of “inversion”, that is, the possibility of offering onlookers the opposite point of view to the one they expect. In his works, the dichotomy of opposite situations such as inside/outside, freedom/imprisonment, life/death is eliminated through near-simultaneous perception of the two aspects.
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